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Reports and internal publications

3 Fox International

This company publishes magazines on regeneration for local authorities and economic development bodies. A selection is available on its website. Those I have worked on include Enfield, Coventry and Warwickshire, Medway, Newcastle, Salford, Derby, Basildon and Thurrock..

Cushman & Wakefield - Perspectives magazine issue 4

JLT Building Sight magazine Issue 1

Managing Asia’s demand for infrastructure

Building the infrastructure to build infrastructure

JLT Building Sight magazine Issue 3

Targeting employee fraud

County Councils Network and Salary Finance: fostering financial wellbeing - a new role for councils as employers

Reynaers - The View: Design Transformed

InfoWorks - Laing O'Rourke magazine Olympic Games feature
InfoWorks - Laing O'Rourke magazine refurbishment feature

Alpine BeMo staff magazine feature on tunnelling Crossrail, English language version
Alpine BeMo staff magazine feature on tunnelling Crossrail, German language version

Housing Corporation Community Cohesion guide
Housing Corporation Ujima Inquiry report

Housing Quality Network briefing on recent HCA judgments February 2017

Housing Quality Network briefing on preview of the June 2013 spending round

Housing Quality Network briefing on Cashback: an update on the DIY repairs scheme for tenants

Housing Quality Network briefing on Housing Policy Changes and the Reshuffle

Civil Service World - Thales advertorial on securing the public service network
Civil Service World - Thales advertorial on keeping secret data safe

The Times Future of Construction supplement: Recruit Skilled Construction Workers From Diverse Groups

The Times - Green Building Council supplement

Social Exclusion Unit

Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation 125th anniversary souvenir publication

Grist (Improving the efficiency of public procurement, for BSI)

Knight Frank - retirement housing report

Professional Planning Forum 2010 awards Glasgow and Harrow case studies

Local Government Association Global Slowdown Local Solutions publication

Sponsored Round Table Discussion Reports

Civil Service World

New tricks
To deliver public services through third parties, civil servants need to acquire better commercial skills. Mark Smulian attended a Civil Service World round table discussing how, and where, they should be developed

Buy bargains, counter calamities
The government has repeatedly come a cropper when outsourcing work, but the number of outsourced projects is only going to grow. Mark Smulian attends a round table on how the civil service can become a shrewder customer

Buying from the boutiques
The government is eager to increase the amount of goods and services it buys from small and medium-sized enterprises. Mark Smulian attends a round table on the opportunities, the challenges – and the solutions

Towering ambition
Across government, information technology and procurement professionals are contemplating a dramatic shift in the way IT services are managed. Mark Smulian listens in at a round table on the concept of 'tower services'

Roundtable: A secret gathering
As the government deals with more digital information and online services, its traditional ways of managing data security are looking outdated. Mark Smulian reports on a Civil Service World round table debating the issues.

Spending to save
A recent Civil Service World round table debated how new kinds of payment systems could be used to advance the personalisation agenda, and how localism presents new challenges for cost control. Mark Smulian reports

Inside Housing

Built to adapt
How can the demand for more homes be fulfilled against the backdrop of a continually uncertain policy picture? Inside Housing and H+H brought together a panel of development experts to consider possible answers to this tricky question.

Local Government Chronicle

Supporting local businesses through economic uncertainty

Helping local independents can improve the resilience of town centres as national chain stores stumble.
By Mark Smulian

How analytics, data and insight can transform social care

Data can facilitate early intervention and prevention while salvaging council’s finances, Mark Smulian reports.

Changing up a gear without taking a fall
Whether its big projects that capture the headlines or small-scale change on the ground, innovation can provide answers to austerity. But being prepared to learn from, and communicate with, others around you is critical. Mark Smulian reports

Greatest influences on local government pensions
LGC convened a round table in July to identify the 'top 10' who have made an 'outstanding contribution' to local government pensions over the past 25 years. Mark Smulian reports

Necessity proves the mother of invention
It might seem counterintuitive in the current economic climate, but there is notable optimism about. Mark Smulian reports

Rebuilding before the storm passes
As authorities get to grips with deep cuts, the work of building new public service models begins. Mark Smulian reports from LGC's roundtable in association with Serco

Cutting to the quick: beyond 2015
While local government has dug deep to limit the effects of cuts on services, will a further round of reductions from 2015 be the breaking point that triggers a public backlash? Mark Smulian reports on LGC's roundtable in association with Newton Europe

Welfare reforms face tough questions
The sector is deeply unprepared for sweeping changes to welfare, while experts worry that 'too much, too soon' reforms will have unintended effects, as Mark Smulian found at the LGC Civica Question Time debate.

Service in the mix
Roundtable sponsored by Serco - is the era of single solutions to councils' service provision over?

What is the best way forward from here?
The only certainty for local government is change. LGC and PwC's round table set out to weigh up the options, writes Mark Smulian

Making sense from messiness
LGC and Ernst & Young's roundtable explored how the sector can tackle uncertainty and upheaval, writes Mark Smulian

Planning magazine

Drivers Jonas Deloitte housing market round table, for Planning magazine

Newsletters - National Housing Federation Transfers Today

(samples of regular publication 2003 to 2007)

National Housing Federation - Transfers Today 16

National Housing Federation - Transfers Today 28

National Housing Federation - Transfers Today 36

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